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7 - 17 NOVEMBER 2014

Chris BillingtonFor his latest exhibition, Chris Billington, who is internationally recognised for his use of colour, has turned his attention to the world of punk music.

Punk ~ The Transatlantic Paintings is an exhibition of 45 paintings documenting a radical movement that exploded onto the scene in the 1970's and with its highly charged anarchic stance completely changed the course of history.

Billington said "This was a new generation with a new way of thinking. A mix of anti-establishment and art school, purposeful design and chaos, crossing the boundaries of art, music, fashion and politics. Punk ushered in a new era with it's DIY ethos, fuelled with working class angst and it is most appropriate that I am showing these paintings in Liverpool, the birthplace of so much great music over the decades. Liverpool was well placed to showcase the punk talent that burst out of all corners of the UK, to enthusiastic crowds in fabulous venues such as the iconic Eric's club and I am absolutely delighted to be exhibiting these paintings at The Gallery Liverpool".

Within the scope of 45 paintings this exhibition charts the impact of punk, a short sharp shock which rapidly spread the message across Britain and the USA, shaking up the establishment on the way,

Vibrant, intense and full of energy, 'Punk ~ The Transatlantic Paintings' is a definitive visual history of an incomparable and provocative period in time.

For any enquiries, please contact:
Fiona Dunn //
T: 0151 709 2442

Free Admission. All welcome!
Opening Night: Friday 7 November, 7pm
Open to Public: 7 - 17 November 2014
More Information: Chris Billington website



Charlie FraisCharlie Frais
is a Liverpool artist who is part of the collective “Hub Artists”. Their studio is located in the Elevator Buildings off Parliament Street. His work shows his interest in shapes; he takes subjects and deconstructs only to reconstruct. He also tries to combine different mediums by using a collage as a base, then painting the subject matter on top.

He has slowly been gaining a following and reputation which has resulted in securing commissions.

This exhibition displays his recent work and should not be missed!

For any enquiries, please contact:
Fiona Dunn //
T: 0151 709 2442

Free Admission. All welcome!
Preview: Friday 21 November, 7pm
Open to Public: 21 Nov - 5 Dec 2014
More Information: Charlie Frais


Emma Worth12 - 19 DECEMBER 2014

Emma Worth:
"I have presented a collection of my work through the years. As a portrait painter I am very much inspired by the human form, of which a lot of my most recent work is based. How we age, show emotion, and how our bodies heal has always interested me and I feel is something I would like to research further.

I am also strongly influenced about nature and the animal kingdom. I have included several studies, ranging from oil paintings to pencil sketches to try to capture what influences me about the natural world.

Emma WorthI also have a strong passion for Cult movies and television. Through the shared love of film and music my paintings will hopefully have a sense of connection and influence from the artist to the viewer.

I use oil paint as my main material but also use a wide range of pens, pencils, acrylics and inks to experiment within my sketches & paintings."

For any enquiries, please contact:
Fiona Dunn //
T: 0151 709 2442

Free Admission. All welcome!
Preview: Friday 12 December, 7pm
Open to Public: 12 - 19 December 2014 // Mon – Fri 10.30am – 4.00pm
More Information: Emma Worth website


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